Bir İçeri Bir Dışarı

The game is very simple.

You have 14 boxes to select and start the game with 10.000 cash in your bank.

Inside each of the boxes are money prizes, boosters and dividers, and one bankruptcy card.
Watch out! Bankruptcy card empties the bank!

Prize points or penalties in each box are waiting for you. One In One By choosing out the boxes, your goal is: to reach the highest score.

The prize in the box you picked in is collected at the end of the penalty box. You lose the prize in the box you threw out. One clue is that you guarantee the score when you throw IFLA out.

But if you take the IFLAS, all the points in the game are reset. No vote or stop. The boxes must be open until the end. One free new 1 game every half hour right.

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